Our Mission: Hope Heal Change Counseling has two pillars that serve as our foundation for everything that happens here: 1) This practice was built, and will continue to be maintained, by genuinely caring for our clients–to meet them where they are in their lives and serve them with our knowledge and tools with Empathy being at the center; 2) We will do the right thing by our clients. From those two pillars, we will offer professional and quality therapy to members of our community. We value Excellence before Volume and we lean into offering a unique and personalized experience.

First of all, thank you for taking the time to visit our website and possibly having an interest in counseling.  Even if you are not considering counseling, you may know someone that is and we want to provide you with a variety of information to make you comfortable with either seeing one of our clinicians for therapy services or referring me to someone that you care about. On my website, you’ll find: services, cost, our team and other information. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to call. When you call Hope Heal Change Counseling, you will be reaching us directly! Myself and our clinicians take every call and schedule every appointment for a personal experience. Below is a little bit about my journey to becoming a counselor.

Before I was a mental health counselor, I was a teacher and a coach.  I taught a variety of subjects in middle school and did most of my coaching at the high school level.  It’s this experience that makes me comfortable working with young people, but that’s not all I do.  After teaching for a few school years, I decided that I wanted to find a field where I could spend all of my time helping others that seemed to be having a difficult time—especially internally.  I had many students that explained having anxiety, depression or were in the middle of a tough family conflict and, as a teacher, I felt like my hands were sometimes tied.  So I took the leap and began taking graduate level courses in mental health counseling. 

While in school for my Masters at Oakland University, I was lucky enough to work as a career advisor in the Adult Career Counseling Center for two years.  This office serves anyone in the public over the age of 18 at no-cost with career related matters.  I worked with individuals that were dissatisfied with their jobs, were being forced to re-enter the work force, were feeling stuck in the retirement process or were looking for work on their resume or interview skills.  I still work with clients in my practice that wish to focus on career related issues.  

Soon after graduation, I found myself working for Trinity Family Counseling Center in Shelby Township, MI.  While working at TFCC, I found my interest in Grief-work began to grow.  In fact, I began to co-faciliate a grief group every other week and eventually was appointed to run a grief group on my own– Grief Takes Courage– in Clarkston, MI.  I also started seeing many individual clients that were struggling with grief.  

In the fall of 2019, I took the leap of faith and fulfilled a dream of mine.  I officially opened Hope Heal Change Counseling on October 14th of that year and I could not be more excited and thrilled to offer my services to the public.  In 2023, I took another leap and carefully expanded the practice.  I joke that I have also served as the accountant, custodian, security guard and receptionist. In other words, if you decided to engage in my services.

I see a VARIETY of cases.  I work with anyone over 10 years old that are dealing with challenges including: childhood/current trauma, anxiety, depression, grief, divorce, career, relationship conflicts, family conflicts or self-improvement.  You can find more on my counseling philosophy under that section on my website.  I’m so pleased and grateful to be serving the great members of this metro Detroit community!

Josh Jostock


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